CCTV in hotels

Security is of great importance within the hospitality industry. You create a sense of security with your guests through the use of CCTV and a properly functioning alarm system. In addition to CCTV around your building, on the terraces and in the parking lot. You can also choose to use security camera’s in your hotel. Which, for example, switch on when one of your employees presses an alarm button. In this way you can make recordings in panic situations. It is also possible to record everything as standard. In addition to recording, the alarm system can also switch on automatically in case of panic. This guarantees the safety of your staff. Security cameras are available for every conceivable application.

There are security cameras in the following categories:

  • Dome and bullet camera

Almost all in- and outdoor cameras are available as a dome or a bullet.

  • Night-vision and audio

With almost every camera you can opt voor night-vision and audio.

  • Anti vandalism camera

This camerais made of impact-resistant material, which makes it difficult to destroy by a burglar or criminal..

  • The 360 degree camera

This camera has a special lens which gives you a complete overview from 1 point. In an ideal situation, we place this camera against the ceiling in the middle of the room. This type of camera is ideal for monitoring a large room or, for example, the swimming pool or the lobby.